Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson

1991- Basketball legend Earvin Johnson, after testing positive for HIV, he surprises the world by announcing immediate retirement from Los Angeles Lakers.

Earlier AIDS only refer to white man’s disease however; Johnson who is African American and heterosexual who become sport legend go public about his health problem.

Johnson plays the entire 13 NBA season with Lakers and had win five championship in 1980.

Johnson 25, a Native from Lansing, Michigan well known for his passing skill with friendly smile and love the game, signed up 25 year deal for 25 million and become NBA first top contract.

After announcing his retirement, he did not stop playing completely but instead voted most valuable player in 1992 in Olympic “Dream Team” that won gold for U.S.

Somehow he returned back to Lakers as head coach and play for Lakers for short period in 1995 to 96 season.

Johnson is well known for his out spoken awareness about AIDS and become successful businessman, earning millions from movie and restaurants.

He gave an example how few drug can treat AIDS from death. But after 25 years of reported first AIDS cases 25 million have died because of AIDS and many have infected with that virus.

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