Social Networking

The power of social networking

If you have read so far, you may have understood one word, and that word is “change.” Marketing world knows how to change instantly. Analyzes what they are sharing about, regularly understand current market trends, and find out how can “change” build public interest.

Today, is not wrong to say the world belong to social networking. This is true in the urban part of the world when the Internet has increased like historical. Everyone from fifth grader to the corporate business owner wants to interact with other on social networking. They are found socially with each other, and world turn to smaller because presence of social networking website.

Fact is, everyone are not that close until 10 years back then and suddenly they have a lot of friends because of sharing their likes and dislikes on social networking portal. The line between the employee and employer has effect because they are playing Farmville on Facebook when they are not working.

Such revolutionary are happening on the web, is marketing domain left? Definitely not! Marketing guru understand the potential website such as Facebook, twitter, Google plus and others have not made profile for themselves and have built communities for everyone who like their product.

Benefit of social networking

Why these social networking has such a big influence on the Internet marketing world?

It is attraction of the phenomenon of social in today’s world. Everyone is socially linking and even with someone they do not know. Social network has become virtual hanging out, marketer definitely take advantage because many will crowd here for fun factor.

Social web is a great place for viral marketing, when they recommend product or service; they do it with sole intention about sharing useful information. Internet marketer share good product, so that the message can spread quickly within the group. Expert knows viral marketing is the best form of marketing because of recommendation that is mean for everyone.

Other advantage is the niche group. Most have their search engine and they can find anyone through relevant keyword. You can search their interest and see whether your product or service is relevant to them. Then you can add them to your group. Once the group is establish, is good chance to promote your service.

Social web help to engage more reader on the Internet. You can interact who already own a group. In business, how many matters, if you are serving others to a huge audience, you will increase more readers.

Social web help to increase the chances of reaching local market. If you are doing promotion in particular area, local marketing is important to you. Social web help because it connect local area and the chances of visiting local shop and will see product and know your service.

If searching brand and business through social web, maybe consider the following website:

Facebook, most popular social networking website with huge global outreach there are million from all over the world connecting regularly with Facebook. Some of the application on Facebook is Farmville, social city and mafia wars, immensely popular.

Twitter is a micro blog and able to post updated comment. Is a new concept of web marketing? To let other know about you, are known as tweets. Post your tweets and read other tweet. This is great for business.

Google plus the integrated social service from Google profile and introducing service such as circle, hangout and spark it. Google hopes to have desire impact on the web and is also available on mobile; however, the device is infinite. As of today the response is short of phenomenal.

Pinterest is a pin board photo sharing website that a user can create and manage theme based image collection example, event, interest, and hobbies. User can pin board for images and re-pin image and add it to their own pin boards.

Digg is another concept to post own content through news article or media. When people like it they Digg it.

Apart from these there is some other popular social network for sharing content example:

LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Delicious, Diigo, Live Journal, Evernote, Google Reader, Google Buzz, News vine, and Net Vibes.

You can popularize content on all the places and build and viewer base articles and reach out to your niche.

Getting Customer and retaining Business

Through its existence, world of Internet marketing has reinforce various changes that have occur. Changes have extremely positive. As marketing grows, marketers find there are ways which they can build their business prospects.

Marketer realize to the great extends of influence customer is making themselves popular on the web,  quality of being open to more one interpretation, leaving no scope for equivocation. Owner need to know their business closely to direct them self. Marketer increase sales by giving all kind of information, Internet has given them many benefit to get in touch with client in better way.

We have read from the beginning of this article how client can get in touch with their prospective market by using different strategy, ranging from article to video and social website. Marketer uses all this method to get closer with client.

Apart from getting closer with client, it is important to stay in touch. In marketing world customer is consider special. Marketers do not expect to have customer all the time but depend continuously business or repeat businesses. Things are happening every day and there is doing business with same customer for up selling product and services and affiliate will promote the product to customer and find extra opportunity and profit for business.

All this happen because of tendency to have more customer base. Because of that tendency various resources has begun to emerge such as auto-responder and after sales services. Marketer wants to keep customer and such resources help them to keep up, support oneself, especially at a minimal level, in highly competitive world.

To know this better, let us see in new age theories that marketer keep up at core level for business.

“Customer  approach the seller, not the other way round.”

If you do not know the old ways of marketing then you will find it difficult to digest this. In olden days reaching out meant cold calling or door to door sales and advertising their product through television and newspaper, regardless of intrusion.

Naturally this kind of advertising is regard with hatred and disgust. Salesman does not want to sell themselves and found  self-difficult to increase quality, ability or value; state of being mediocre.

Today the concept of marketing has experience a sudden movement to escape a thrust in specific direction. Internet has made it possible for marketer to submit article to directory or write blog post, submit video, and post comment on social website. Such business don’t have blatantly service, no intrusion and no privacy invaded.

Customer who is searching for information will find all this content on the web. They find it with their favorite search engine such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Fact is the seller did not approach the customer but the customer come to the seller, it is a dignified way of advertising, the result are better too. There are no feeling involve or any state of emotion being sold. Therefore customer feels happy and dignified about making  decision for them.

“Customer should have the best value for the money they have spent.”

This aid concentration for every marketer when they making important point on agenda to give customer the best value. Competition has awake to prevail on the net. Look for random product such as leather boots or any other product that come to your mind for instance,, in here you will find hundreds of option. And what it is that will make customer come to you?

There are many way to approach that and we have already learned many promotional methods that work for you and me in this time and age, but the most important thing is the traditional belief.

“If we give customer good value for money, then they will come knocking our door more than once.”

The modern marketer understood they have and should stretch the limit out so that they can give customer the best, using high quality product and spending on the creativity reason to make new things and get attention for customer trying to appeal to an increase loyalties or affection.

So this is one thing to remember about Internet marketing life. We have to remember to give worth for the money in return for goods and service in the marketing world.

“A very small amount of support is worth a great deal in business.”

Another important theory that marketer need to offer the best after sales service and other support too.

This is important because customer cannot see the product before they buy it. They don’t know the small thing associate with the product and it is difficult to find something to buy and use it. You need to guarantee them with support. Customer will eventually begin to buy more products online but assurance need to give full support.

When the support is good it become easier for marketer to do up sell and in future one can promote the other product to repeated customer.

“Give others a chance to say something.”

What is going on in Internet marketing is another special thought for marketers to believe? Idea for customer says something and marketer is skeptical about what they might say. Today customer has  chance to speak and give feedback.

Review can help to make stronger or more effective to populate the business.

Two biggest online stores in the world today is Amazon. Com and E-bay have  option where buyers can post comment about revealing and disclosure of the product, and  quality of the service.

Vary about the nature of the business and what are you promoting. Legality of the product is to make sure that you have record.

Old method but good method

So many marketing tools to handle method, strategy, plan and old method are no longer fashionable; out of date. Marketer who has keen interest begins to use traditional marketing tools and then to new strategy. It is good to have several methods that can give satisfaction and show result.

Each of this method has advantage and brings result. The best part, the method is free, except for the effort you have to take. Effort is not a big deal it is part of the game. 

Article Marketing

Is a type of advertising for writing short story about their company business?

Main reason article written is to have some form of marketing for website. One will find other article on other website, normally incorporated with link.

Traditional article marketing

Traditional article marketing use magazines, newspaper and any print media to advertise. In general sense, traditional article is still in style and generates result to offline business. However things have change due to online article.

The process of traditional article is simple. What happen is the owner will print the media of their choice. They can choose newspaper, magazine or brochure. When they have chosen the print media, example, one who is interest in real estate business will approach a real estate magazine. They begin to negotiate on terms and condition. The real estate magazine decides that the content is about current mortgage rate and the writer will come up an article about that.

Once he has complete writing the article, the magazine will then edit it so to their specification and publish it in the coming issue. The real estate business will get client from the article in the magazine, the magazine will get content and generate some revenue and finally both parties benefit from the article.   

Internet article marketing

It is a strategy that generates lead to the website. Main idea to advertise product and service, most of the article directories have high volume of traffic. Search engine consider them as leader in information and gave priority to them.

Article structure and format

Structure of the article is important to generate traffic. When you publish on the net the most common thing is generate traffic by creating catchy title. The body of the article has an average of 500 to 800 words. Article will have keyword that matches search criteria.


A blog or a journal updated with regular event, news entries and new product. Blog use interactive platform to give relevant information and allow everyone to leave comment.

Most blog has text and some based on image, related blog with photograph. A blogger can either author or website visitor. There are so many types of blogs and understand them will give a better perception on blogging.

Personal blog

These types are mainly for blogger who own website. They refer to diary, reference for. In most cases such blogs are rarely read as they are not index or in a directory. However the owner of the blog is still considering as a blogger.

Corporate and organization blog

A blog can use for different purposes with different preferences and who they are targeting. There are corporate and organizational blog in the world today.

Genre blog

A genre is a particular subject. This subject is anything from entertainment to politics, music and art. Such blog classified as genre blog.

Media blog

Media that is use to find the name of the blog, the name vary from sketch log, link log and v-log. A blog that contain a portfolio of sketches is referring to sketch log. One that has video refers to v-log and the link refers to link log.


A blog can define the type of device is use. A blog with mobile device is often referring to mob log. This blog made by mobile phone, and pocket PC.

Anyone can have blogging platform and decide the type of blog they want.

So this is the world of Internet marketing. These are the method to get started: build strategies, keep working with the right way, strategizing and implementing the right techniques and certainly you can see success.

I hope you know what are Internet Marketing and all the good and the bad that comes with it.

“Honestly I’m still struggling with this Internet business and I hope one day I too can become successful like you.”

Thanks for reading,



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